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Raise funds as well as your heart rate with the Great Yorkshire Stairclimb 2012

Fundraisers are being urged to step up and get ready to scale the greatest height in Leeds by registering to take part in the Great Yorkshire Stairclimb. Organisers are hoping to enlist hundreds of stair climbers to take part in this fun event, whilst… Continue Reading “Raise funds as well as your heart rate with the Great Yorkshire Stairclimb 2012”

Londoner sets Keepy-Uppy World Record!

A personal trainer who recovered from a serious back injury has set a football keepy-uppy world record. Matt Wolstenholme, from north London, established the benchmark for ‘longest distance juggling a football’ by keeping the ball in the air without using his hands for 20… Continue Reading “Londoner sets Keepy-Uppy World Record!”

MILTON KEYNES MARATHON announces 2013 date and a New sponsor

Following an extremely successful inaugural race last April, the second Milton Keynes Marathon will take place on Monday 06 May 2013, and we are excited to announce that the new Headline Sponsor for the event will be Skechers Performance Footwear.

Solo Charity bike – John O’Groats to Land’s End: for Cancer Research UK

Starting 2 August 2012 Please visit:   For a long time, Surrey-based artist and Art teacher Nathaniel Fowles has harboured the ambition and challenge of cycling the length of the UK by himself and completely unsupported. 

Shay Eskew: to conquer Kona?

It was not that long ago that we featured the inspirational story of Shay Eskew who was as a child, set on fire by a friend, accidentally. He is now an ironman triathlete, looking to compete in Kona.

Do the fruit and vegetables you eat contain toxins?

Fruit and vegetables (F+V) are extremely beneficial for one’s health. They both contain a variety of minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, fibre and more. Eating fruit and vegetables lowers heart attack, stroke and cancer risk, to name just a few health benefits contained in F+V. The… Continue Reading “Do the fruit and vegetables you eat contain toxins?”