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Walking is for girls… or is it?!

We decided to go for a walk the other day. no worries, let me just get my bike training in for today before we go. Walking doesn’t really count, does it? Oh how wrong I was! 

Muddy Buddy 2013

I got a text message on Friday from someone I know, Asking did I want to make up a team of four for a ‘muddy buddy’ race on Sunday. Normally, no chance, but I have done Tough Mudder, it can’t be as tough as… Continue Reading “Muddy Buddy 2013”

England pave the path of progress in Women’s rugby

It’s amazing how far women’s rugby has come in the last 5 years. In April 2007, I was part of the very first team of all female referees to officiate an international, which was not allowed to take place at Twickenham, because that was… Continue Reading “England pave the path of progress in Women’s rugby”