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Bottoms up! Creating your own ‘buns of steel’

Weak muscle areas can lead to injury, as one of my group fitness class clients has recently found out. Hip injuries, for example, can come from weak glutes. Here’s a few glute strengthening exercises to help you create your own ‘buns of steel’. 🙂

Freezing cold? Tabata indoor workout

Tabata is a brilliant way of getting a great fat burning workout into a busy schedule. Here’s a quickie you can try. It will only take you ten minutes! But, it will be a hard core ten minutes!


Since Johnny G introduced his concept of ‘Spinning’® to the fitness industry, indoor cycling has become one of most popular classes on group fitness timetables the world over. More and more participants of all age groups and fitness levels are enjoying the experience they… Continue Reading “20 MINUTE FAT LOSS: IS IT POSSIBLE?”

Bootcamp and PT’s are nice, not nightmares! 

Gone are the days when The job of a personal trainer looked like this, the trouble is not everyone realises that yet! 

Exercise Association Roadshow, Dunedin: open minded learning

I did like this particular slide from one of the three speakers I listened to today. It beautifully illustrated the realistic path to our goals which many trainers forget about. I was quite surprised on a number of fronts.

Wild outside? Exercise you can do inside

It’s been a bit wild round here lately. Only the mad, bad, or totally insane have been outside training. (I did see a cyclist out the other day who was bordering on completely insane!) so what exercise can you still do inside?