Melanie’s knee replacement journey #1

I have decided to VLOG this journey in the hope that everyone can learn something about what a knee replacement journey involves. Here is no #1 (of many I expect!)

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#32 Why do we have more than one type of massage appointment?

Great question this week from a client who was looking to book in for a massage. They wanted to know why we had more than one type of appointment, and what is the difference between them.

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Knee rehab with personal training: a client perspective

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Race over Bluff hill: who won?

We had a bit of fun over the weekend. Melanie set off on foot from Stirling point, heading up Bluff hill to the Glory Track, then back along the coast path. mark headed up over Bluff hill from Gun Pit Road right over the top and down the other side to the coast path. Who got to the Glory track / coast path junction first?  Continue reading “Race over Bluff hill: who won?”