Personal Training for an absolute beginner

In a staff meeting a few months ago, our staff decided to swap skills. For a personal trainer who is then receiving a massage – sweet as! But… our massage therapists also chose to have personal training sessions too! Here’s how Gemma, one of our massage therapists is getting on.

Before working at Ryding2Health I had never stepped inside a gym, I had never felt the need to go workout because I could do it at home, not that I did regularly . Over the last 2months I have been having weekly sessions with our personal trainer (PT) Kim and I have realized how much I need the help.

First session

As I was doing the exercises for our test session to see where I am physically, that even though I lead a fairly active lifestyle (physical job, 2 kids to run after) it confirmed how unfit I actually am.

The next day it was a struggle to move.


As the sessions have gone on they have become less of a struggle I have stopped yawing the second I start to exercise and it has been easier to get moving the next day. We have yet to repeat a session plan its nice to have so much variety and Kim encourages/pushes me to “keep going” and “just do one more” , for someone who has zero motivation this is exactly what I need.

One of the really good things about our sessions is that they use very little gear so I can get some weights and find a step and complete most if not all of the exercises at home

If you would like to see how it goes I will be putting up some videos , photos and continuing to write about my experiences as an absolute beginner in personal training.


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