R2H Home massage course – buy now!

We have been puzzling over ways that we can help out our massage clients scattered about Southland in self isolation – letting those aches and pains build up. This is not helped by the fact that the nation is either hunching over less than ideal temporary / makeshift home office situations, or throwing themselves into home renovations! So we have put together some home massage training that you can use to treat yourself till you are able to get in to see us again!

This is a home massage course in three parts.

  • Part 1 – using household items to self massage. This is delivered by Trina
  • Part 2 – walk through training on how to self massage your arms and hands. This is delivered by Gemma
  • Part 3 – walk through demo on how to self treat using manual lymphatic drainage. This is delivered by Melanie.

We have kept this course as affordable as possible, so it is one easy payment of $10. We will then send you everything you need including a password to unlock the course. We ask that in the best interests of Ryding2Health and all the staff at this difficult time, that you please do not share these resources or your password with anyone else.

PLEASE NOTE: Follow up information will be sent to the email used when you make the payment. Please do not forget to fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Purchase the Ryding2Health mini home massage course now!

This is a three part course that will teach you how to use household items to help relieve those hard to reach niggles, a walk through demonstration on how to self massage arms and hands, plus a walk through demo on self treatment using manual lymphatic drainage. All you need is internet access!


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