Home made hand sanitizer recipe

What to do when you can’t buy hand sanitizer for love nor money (despite the fact that you’re just a #massagetherapist not crazy Joe public who is stockpiling?!) Make your own! 😂

Here’s our recipe if you need to try it too..

You Need:
👍🏻Tea tree oil
👍🏻Lavender oil
👍🏻50ml Isopropyl alcohol
👍🏻Aloe Vera gel
👍🏻a reusable bottle

This recipe will just about fill a travel sized 80ml bottle

Tip the isopropyl alcohol into a container with a pourable spout. Add 20ml of aloe Vera gel, 15 drops of tea tree oil and 12 drops of lavender oil. Whisk till it forms a gel (or if you’re impatient like us, it’s fine as a sprayable as well!)

Hey presto!

It’s not the cheapest solution but it’s a solution!

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