Carpal Tunnel trial – Seeking participants

We are seeking people who have been officially diagnosed with Carpal tunnel syndrome for 6 weeks of trial treatments of manual lymphatic drainage.

We have some specific reasons for wanting this particular group of people: here is the background to this trial.

Since we added manual lymphatic drainage to our list of treatment options, the interest has grown and grown. So much so, we recently sent another of our massage therapists to complete the training, meaning we now have two manual lymphatic drainage therapists available, how exciting is that!

This is not a new treatment, a lot of our enquiries have asked that question. Manual lymphatic drainage has in fact been around for a very long time, originating on oncology treatments. Research then found that there were a wide range of other things that could be treated with manual lymphatic drainage.

We have already run a trial treating participants who had been given an official diagnosis of fibromyalgia. The results of this trial were quite amazing, reducing pain levels in all participants.

Gemma, one of our therapists has recently completed her training and is interested to find out how manual lymphatic drainage can help with carpal tunnel syndrome, a complaint that a lot of the customers she treats in the local meat works suffer from.

The research

Very few research projects have looked directly at manual lymphatic drainage as a treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome, despite the fact that many manual lymphatic drainage courses state it as an option for alleviating CTS symptoms. We thought this was quite a curious set of circumstances.

The limited research we have found states that most interventions state rest as the treatment, which is almost impossible in modern day living. It also states that although the surgery is the next option, it is not that highly successful at preventing the issue from recurring.

This study does state the fact that the lymphatic system can be impaired by the affects of carpal tunnel syndrome but the mention is brief.

So, lets test this out and see what happens!

The details of the trial

We are seeking 6 participants for this trial. We cannot offer it for free, but we are offering it at a significant discount. (Up to $25 off per treatment). We need people who have a definite diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, who are seeking pain relief and are willing to commit to 6 treatments. We will require your to give us your feedback throughout the trial, which we will use for future reporting / marketing purposes as appropriate.

If you are keen, please email Melanie on or fill in the form below and once we have 6 confirmed, we can start the trial.

We look forward to hearing from you!!


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