What does massage actually do?

A curious yet super simple question that we were asked last week: so here is the answer in non technical language!

I love to liken muscles to plaited hair styles: bear with me on this. Your muscles have an origin point and an insertion point. The origin is the fixed starting point (like the root of your hair) and the insertion moves when you use the muscles. That’s it in its simplest terms.

Image result for muscle man poster

Each of your muscles are made up of groups of fibers, much like strands of hair. Each bundle of fibers are wrapped in something called fascia. lots of these bundles make up a muscle. Stress (overuse, tiredness, inflexibility to name a few) causes a build up of fascia which makes the bundles stick together. That is what usually causes the muscle pain, which triggers you to call and book a massage appointment!

The role of massage is to free these sticky points up. Therefore you will notice your massage therapist usually works in the direction of the muscle fibers, much like the role of a comb to untangle your hair.

Each of our massage rooms have one of these posters in it. Our therapists will regularly refer to these when a client asks about what treatment the therapist is using. Equally, if you have any questions about what is happening during your treatment, we are more than happy to answer your questions and explain in as little, or as much detail as you wish.

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Massage relaxes muscle tissue, helps to increase blood flow to the area which in turn helps reduce painful contractions and ease muscle tension.

It’s one of the best, non medical, non chemical treatments for muscles (and, it doesn’t have to hurt to have beneficial effects).


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