Megan and her Band stuff


unnamed (4)I started my pipe band career in Wellington when I was about 16, under the tuition of my father. I played my first nationals in 2010 – about a year after starting (which is a bit of an accomplishment!) I have also played for the New Zealand Foundation Youth Pipe Band, representing New Zealand in both Australia and Canada between 2011 and 2014.

I started playing Grade 1 (top grade) in 2013 for the Auckland and District Pipe Band, where I then became a section leader for 3 seasons. We placed 2nd in 2016 Kitto cup (the section that I led), which I was very proud of.

I am now part of the City of Invercargill Highland Pipe Band Grade 1 – and have been playing with them for 2 seasons now. I love it down here the band is great and it’s awesome to see all the young ones grow into great young instrumentalists.

Exciting news..

This weekend I am off to compete at the National contest in Rotorua. We will compete on Saturday for grade 1 but will go along and support our younger members in Grade 4 and the juvenile event on the Friday.

What’s next?

unnamed (5)After nationals the NZ season is finished, you’d think I will be able to have a break…. WRONG! Haha I am heading over the Melbourne to compete with the Hawthorn City Pipe Band – who play grade 2. I am really looking forward to heading back over the ditch and seeing these guys again as I also played with them at their nationals in 2016.

And then…

I get a break…. nope.. wrong again! I am also heading to Scotland in August with the Canterbury Caledonian Pipe Band to compete at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow (YYYYAAAYYYYY!!!!) I have been looking forward to being able to play at the event for so many years, now it’s finally happening.

Anyway… This is a debrief of my upcoming year in Pipe Band, dancing will be next on the list for a different wee blog post…

Wish me luck this weekend!

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