The power of the GROUP!!

Burning Rubber BootcampWant a 26% improvement in stress levels, or a 25% improvement in physical health? Then you should try a group exercise class.

Recent research published in the the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association has confirmed what faithful group exercise participants already know, that working out in a group has positive benefits, some over and above working out alone.

In the study those participating in group exercise spent 30 minutes at least once a week in CXWORX (a Les Mills International group core strengthening and functional fitness exercise programme). At the end of the twelve weeks, their mean monthly survey scores showed significant improvements in all three quality of life measures.

Group exercise by definition, is exercise that involves a group of participants following an instructor taking them through their class. The diversity of group exercise offerings today means that whether you are looking for a high intensity class that looks more like a military boot camp, or a mind body class offering to soothe body and soul, there is a class to suit, whatever your style and exercise/fitness level. Just as exercising in the gym is not ‘one size fits all’, neither is a group exercise class. The good news for those who are scared off by the thought of needing to be coordinated is that while some group exercise classes appeal to those in the mood to dance, many classes don’t require co-ordination at all.

Many gyms and exercise facilities offer a range of classes big and small, with offerings individualised to the facility, and some offer group exercise as part of an international system. More professionally run classes are also popping up in community settings and small studios, so regardless of where you are, in a big city or small community, you will be able to find a range of classes that suit you.

For those new to exercise, the group exercise class format provides significant benefit as it allows participants to follow the leader and take part without having to have an in-depth knowledge of exercise.

The great news is that that you will also find yourself being surrounded by a group of like minded people who are enjoying themselves and are supportive of your journey. A good group exercise instructor is a great motivator to keep you going and provide encouragement. They will combine exercise with music to create a motivating experience to keep you moving.

Where a group exercise class is being led by a REPs registered instructor, you know you will be getting a well structured class, with a proper warm up and cool down, and tips along the way to make the experience world class for you. So, if you are looking for an activity fix with the company and motivation of others, then group exercise ticks the boxes.

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