Organizing the week; 10 top tips to get you ahead

We always seem to complain there isn’t enough time to do what we want to do: but do you make the most of your time? I’m picking there’s always something we can do better. So here’s ten top tips for getting ahead as you plan your week.

  1. Make a list. Categorise them priority, important and errands. The list can only be 12 items long, four in each category max, so think carefully about what the most important things are to get done in your next 7 days. Tick them off as you work through, starting at the top.
  2. You don’t have to finish the list! Those that don’t get done – elevate them up a category in next week’s list.
  3. Limit work hours. If you have control over this, decide on your max hours worked. If you don’t, shelve work the minute you leave, and don’t think about it again till the next day.
  4. Pick a single focus for your day: make sure that one thing at least gets done.
  5. List the positives. We always remember the negative things that happen, so note down great things that happened in your week.
  6. Schedule times and days for YOU time. This might be reading, exercise or whatever but schedule it.
  7. Plan meals ahead. On those busy nights, have something made up already that you can re-heat when you get in.
  8. Disengage: we all use our social media waaaay to much: make a conscious effort to limit this this week.
  9. Give yourself a break! One bad day doesn’t make a bad week! (Unless you let it!)
  10. Get enough sleep. Enough said!

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