A guide to getting what you want without wasting time, effort or money

Image result for lifes too F***ing short I went to the library for a wee while to kill time while in town on Saturday. I always go to the same section, perhaps pick up a poetry book or something, and still in the stillness for a while. But this book jumped out at me, and I ended up taking it home with me to read! It will take me more than one article to tell you about its wonders so I will do it in instalments. Today we talk about the beauty industry and how we always seem to structure our lives around misery and things that we hate.

You know you have a good book when you can imagine the brash, tell it how it is English author shouting out the words to you as you read!

This was the contents page:

Life’s too f***ing short …

to get depressed about being forty something, friendless and broke.

to spend £100 ($200) on face cream

to try and be a size zero

to cook like a TV shef

To believe what men say

to talk to people who are boring

to send time in the same dreary job

to waste money going to a spa

to let someone tell you how to design your home

to be a slave to fashion

to have a set of rules you cant live up to

She has a refreshingly blunt outlook on life. Defrill the twaddle beamed at you by the media: spend half a day a week and a lot of money researching what the latest beauty treatment is to stave of wrinkles, for example or you could ‘have a life’. She talks a lot about the beauty industry, how they bore or blind us with fancy language to lure us in to some new treatment that ‘might’ work or is ‘said to’ work, yet criticises the industry for being one where no type of regulation seems to be in place, saying that if they were regulated like the food industry for example, it could all fall apart. face creams, botox, ridding yourself of wrinkles, all the celebs that are so plastic the only thing that shows their age is their neck… she has a point you know.

A huge industry has grown up that purports to help women, but in my opinion it does the complete opposite.

Its simple. Stay out of the sun, wear sunglasses, hydrate well, she adopts the common sense approach coupled with ‘sorry love, if you have wrinkles, there aint nothing in the world that will get rid of those unless you want surgery!

Decide what you are NOT going to do any more:

  • the people you are NOT going to call back
  • the books you will never read
  • the relatives you can send to Siberia
  • the food you are not going to cook
  • the man / men you are not going to wait on hand and foot any more
  • the clothes you will not buy
  • the stuff you don’t need
  • the boring job you are not going to suffer any more.

That’s a pretty good list right there! I have safely taken care of the last one, the fact that I live on the other side of the world takes care of the first one, (and perhaps the third!) so I should really get to work on the rest! The message here is, set time aside to do what you WANT to do, establish your own rules and stick to them! I did that just today actually. I have timetabled myself a lunch break each day at work (a first) and two admin slots a week to work ON the business, something that I have been lacking while I have been doing my SIT course this past 6 months.

I’m currently on the ‘life’s too f***ing short to try to be a size zero chapter. Look out for future updates!

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