DROP THE BOSS: fundraiser: sponsor me!

Image result for drop the bossAs you may (or may not) know, Ryding2Health Ltd. is a member of the Chamber of Commerce Southland. Thus, I get lots and lots of network emails. One, today, popped out at me though as one worth replying to. Any charity raising money for kids is always worth it in my opinion. so, what have I agreed to do? 

Would you like to be dropped in it! Of course you would……………

Yes, you’ve been challenged to throw yourself off the training tower at the Invercargill Fire Station as part of the Graeme Dingle Foundation Southland ‘Drop Your Boss’ fundraiser on the morning of Saturday 3rd December.
(Well in truth you’ll actually be abseiling off the tower)

We are hoping to raise $40,000 towards getting more kids into our awesome values and life-skills programmes, Kiwi Can and Career Navigator, with each boss challenged to raise $1000.

Currently we deliver our inspirational programmes to over 1,800 Southland kids every week.

All money raised through this event stays here in Southland.

It is a fun morning for a great cause, challenging bosses to do something out of their comfort zones (like we encourage the young people in our programmes to do).

We ran the event successfully last year with 25 bosses from Sanford’s, EIS, Crowe Horwath, Market South, New World, ILT and many more abseiling four storeys down the training tower and raising over $25,000!

We are starting to sign up some high profile bosses and fundraisers for this year’s event and are keen to get more.

So, naturally, since I have already thrown myself off the sky tower, I thought, why on earth not, for such a good cause!

My page is here: Please sponsor me, and share so we can reach the $1000 target! Thank you!

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