Keep well this winter by keeping active indoors

It’s not an uncommon story; the best laid exercise plans being derailed by inclement weather and low temperatures. That run or walk gets put off and the heater gets turned up.

Let’s face it, sometimes the heat pump is more attractive than the outdoors. However, there is no better way to stay warm and stop your energy levels slumping mid winter than with a regular exercise session. If the outdoors isn’t calling the way it did in summer, make the most of the indoor activities that are available to you at facilities nearby.

Even the hardiest outdoor exerciser sometimes wants to stay indoors, so why not think about getting along to a exercise facility or studio where you can stay warm and dry and still get all the exercise benefits you get from your outdoor session? You’ll have plenty of variety with a range of options from team training and group sessions, to smaller boutique studios offering more specialist programmes. As if keeping warm and dry isn’t enough, you’ll also get to take advantage of advice on hand from exercise professionals who can help you set some goals, and support you along the way.

There is so much advice given about how to avoid winter illnesses, with some based firmly on fact, while others are ‘wives tales’ without too much substance. Exercise and activity are one form of illness prevention you can rely on. An exercised body is a healthy body. When we exercise regularly we enhance our overall health, and we sleep better. In winter this can translate to a better immune system which can reduce the number of winter bugs that lead to days off and less exercise.

If you are still keen on heading outdoors when it’s cold and wet, make sure you aren’t taking any unnecessary risks by making sure you are warmed up properly and that you are wearing the right gear (including shoes with good grip in the wet). There is likely to be some exercises that suit a dry sunny day that aren’t good at all in more inclement conditions.

So, make the time to call up a couple of your local exercise facilitie, or even better why not head in and have a look around, Don’t be afraid to ask the staff questions either – if you are unsure about anything, just ask.

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