Combatting the winter blues with your mind

img_6270I’m reading a book at the moment that was lent to me by a client. Now, although it’s not entirely unfamiliar a concept, it’s a slightly different way to look at the same thing. In effect, your thoughts become your actions. So if you decide you have the winter blues, then it will come true. However, if you decide the opposite, it will also come true, whether you believe it truly or not.

In the past few weeks I have had a lot of people saying they find it hard to get motivated to get out and come do exercise in winter. STOP. This is old thinking. You are thinking in the past. Look at your future. Lock yourself into the future, imagine yourself in the summer: what will you look like, feel like, lock that in.

Now replay yesterday. In your mind, change anything you didn’t particularly like or find positive, when you replay it in your mind change it to a more desired outcome.

You are preparing your mind for a positive future.

Try this.

Regardless of how you feel. Stop for a moment and smile. Initially it will probably feel forced. Hold it there. I guarantee you that you won’t be able to stay miserable. That smile will create a positive happy feeling inside you.

You control your feelings because you control your thoughts. 

Think happy and you will be happy.

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