Exercise New Zealand road show road trip

img_6167Its the second year I have been to the roadshow, so I’m still never quite sure what to expect. this time I took a member of my staff with me too on the super long morning road trip. listen to me: ‘my staff’! It still seems strange to say ‘we’ when talking about the business: it’s always been ‘I’.

So this time I went to the managers talk and that was a last minute decision, I hadn’t considered myself a manager! I guess I am now. 

I’m glad I did because I learned heaps about worksafe NZ and all the policies and paperwork that needs to be in place. Being a sole trader it’s hard because you have no one to ask or bounce ideas off. So now I know that my next task is to create a bundle of policies. Most of the H&S stuff was already in place thank goodness, I just need to create a paper trail to go with it.

The second talk was on social media and advertising. Although I do know quite a bit it was still really useful to know how to target adverts better, plus structure a series of adverts to suit specific audiences.

Interestingly, the Asia Pacific use Facebook tons and tons more than Northern Europe: I kinda knew that, it was one of the things that really surprised me when I first came south, but it’s good to know!

Meanwhile, we were hearing all about the winter dip (thank goodness it’s not just me, it’s hard to know what’s normal when you haven’t completed an entire cycle of seasons yet!) and how well videos etc work. Well I knew that too, we already do a lot of that as well.

All in all, a lot of reassuring things that made me feel heaps better and came away feeling much more up beat.

It’s good to spend time with other fitness professionals at times rather than just fighting your own battles! Plus it’s always a good sign when the Exercise New Zealand and REPS NZ staff know your name, before you even speak!

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