Group Exercise: a great way to get started!

13177826_1015408825208515_3927453649937271799_nArguably one of the first mainstream forms of the modern exercise movement was group exercise. Women who are in their senior years recall heading off to their local community hall for ‘keep fit’ and jazzergetics classes when they were in their twenties, and some of us remember heading off to aerobics classes, full of jumping and running in the eighties and early nineties.

While fashions have changed, (you won’t see too many legwarmers or leotards these days) group exercise is here to stay. Group exercise by definition, is exercise that involves a group of participants following an instructor taking them through their paces. however the diversity of group exercise offerings today mean that this is often where the similarities end. From high intensity classes that look more like a military bootcamp, through to ballet and mind body forms, there is a class to suit whatever your style and fitness/exercise level.

The benefits of group exercise are numerous! For those new to exercise, a class format allows participants to follow the leader, and participate without having to have a knowledge of all the moves. With an instructor leading the way, and a group of like minded people around you it’s easier to stay motivated.

We are social creatures, and as kids we play together, and as we get older we ditch the play but many of us engage in team physical activities such as sport, and dancing. Into adulthood, our busy lives often dictate that high commitment social physical activities are off the schedule. If you are looking for an activity fix with some shared company, then group exercise ticks the boxes. It offers a chance to improve and maintain your exercise and fitness, while allowing us to be the social creatures we are.

It’s very important that you choose a group exercise instructor who has the knowledge and skill to deliver a safe and effective class. Our advice is simple – Make sure you look for a REPs registered exercise facility or exercise professional like us as you can be assured that they will make the class fun and safe.

One of the main changes we have seen in group exercise is the growth into more ‘functional’ style training (the body exercising for activities performed in normal life). Just as your workout in the gym is not ‘one size fits all’, neither should a group exercise class. While some classes appeal to those in the mood to dance, many classes don’t require coordination at all.

There are many reasons to ‘get into group’:

Boredom Busting – A great group exercise class combines exercise with an experience! The mood is always different and there is always a great instructor up front to keep you smiling and moving. REPs registered exercise professionals deliver classes of a world class standard.

Safety First – In a class delivered by registered professionals you know you will be getting a safe and effective warm up and cool down, and tips along the way to make sure your remain injury free. Group exercise classes are great for those who are new to exercise, as the instructor will explain everything as the class progresses.

Not sure what exercise options to choose? Try a class. Choose a class that suits your needs and know that you will get taken through a safe and effective routine to improve your exercise and fitness levels. And all while having a fun and motivating experience at the same time.

Have a look at our timetable and join us for some fun!

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