Swimming pool fitness entertainment..

IMG_2445Since starting back to regular swimming it has amused me to watch the sorts of people that I encounter.

I don’t consider myself one of the fastest around, these Southlanders are a sporty lot, plus I’m not training for racing any more, just fitness and fun. It’s quite a different mind set and one that I am getting to like a lot. 

Gone are the ‘no swim counts unless it’s at least an hours session’ thoughts any more. I can arrive (and leave) as I please and my session includes whatever I like. Bliss!

So lately I’m simply building my fitness back up. Nothing fancy. I just get in and swim, sometimes count, sometimes not. Usually 30-45 mins, occasionally more depending on time available, how busy the pool is and how I’m feeling that day. I’m back to 100 plus lengths, didn’t seem to take me long. Distance, not so much speed.

This changes obviously, depending who’s around. Sometimes a person will get in that I can chase and pass, (playing a game with myself to see how many lengths it takes to next catch them) sometimes it me being chased! Either way it prompts me to push myself more which is good!

Tanga briefs man 

Earlier this week a guy got in to share my lane.  (I was already swimming, lane to myself) He looked real fast and did lots of stretches before hand, including a weird manouvre with a stretchy band on poolside before he got in. Turns out this was all smoke and mirrors, as I was able to catch his feet within around 4-5 lengths. Each time I was about to have to pass he stopped at the end and started stretching his quads. Either he had REALLY tight muscles or he didn’t like being chicked!

Bermuda shorts man

This guy got in after I was already swimming, wearing long shorts, long hair (no cap) and goggles. Usually (if I was to stereotype a swimmer) this would mean he was a recreational ‘floater’. This proves true, I could catch him every 3-4 lengths. This poor guy must have had really crappy goggles because each time I was almost ready to pass, he would stop because his goggles needed adjusting.

Anyone would think he also didn’t like being chicked? 😉

The normal guy 

I got in for a swim after my swim school teaching today. The guy that got in to share my lane was one I recognised from a precious encounter. He was slim and trim, hat and goggles plus all the swim toys in a bag. The first time I saw him I thought oops, he looks fast, and I asked him that and just told him to tap my feet and I would move. He laughed at me. After he started swimming he seemed to be roughly equal speed, but I noticed that very gradually I was catching him. We had a laugh about this, as he (genuinely) stopped just as I was about to catch him. I had had to work hard mind! He got in again today, recognised me and said hi. I was pleased to discover that I was catching him much faster than last time we shared a lane. Fitness must be returning to me 🙂

I saved him the embarrassment and turned round mid lane just as I caught his feet. I was getting out soon anyway!

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