RECIPE: Booster blitz balls

I took a recipe I found online and varied it to fit what I had in my cupboard. The original recipe said pecans, I didn’t have any. The milled nuts were pumpkin, flaxseed and sunflower. I had a bag of LSA in the cupboard already which I often add to porridge, smoothies and such like. So feel free to vary this and use it simply as a base!


  • 100g peanuts 
  • 120g dried apricots
  • 30g milled LSA (linseed, almonds) plus a little more to coat
  • 2 tbsp runny honey
  • 20g dark choc chips

Place the nuts in a food processor till roughly chopped, then remove to a bowl.

Place the apricots in a food processor till they begin to stick together.

Add the milled nuts mix and chopped peanuts back in along with the honey. Blitz some more. I used a nutribullet for this and the motor began to struggle st this stage so I removed the mixture and mixed by hand.

If you’re still using a food processor, add the choc chips and blitz again. I did this separately then added them to my mixture in a separate bowl.

Take the mixture by hand and roll into balls.

Roll the balls in the spare milled nuts mixture and place in the fridge to harden.

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