New class: what exactly is Spin Circuits?

imageThis is a new concept we invented to enable us to add more spin to the timetable: but in a slightly different way. We have listened to feedback and our clients tell us that spin classes are so popular (we have almost a three week waiting list) because it’s a good, value for your money hard hard workout, try high intensity! So, we took this a step further. 

What is spin circuits?

We have combined strength circuits with spin a classes to give you a HIIT workout that combines high intensity cardio with a contrasting high volume strength workout. Why is this so hard? Because strength work required breath control, precise movement and focus, whereas spin is quite the opposite: hard effort cardio work that gets the heart rate pumping.

So, what makes this class so challenging is that it combines hard work cardio with hard work strength reps. The efforts themselves aren’t the issue, it’s the time duration of the intervals that make it such a challenge, plus the fact that you are required to repeatedly hop on and off the bike without rest intervals!

Fancy giving it a go? You won’t be disappointed: if you love spin for its high intensity nature, you’ll love this class too!

Thursday’s 3-3:45pm. Book online

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