Dragging your Sunday butt into action!

Splash palaceSunday afternoon, feet up, howling gales and rain outside, feel like going to do some exercise? No, not really! With the Ruby a week away, I suppose I should!

I would have really loved a long bike ride to Riverton or somewhere but El Niño wasn’t playing ball, so it was indoors or nothing.

One of the goals I have set myself this new year is to make time for my own exercise. It’s all well and good having a job where you get ‘paid to do spin classes’ but I have always been one to like a bit of variation, that’s why I was a triathlete. Swimming is my long relaxing run. I find it therapeutic, as I have said before. So I headed for the pool, Sunday 5pm when I knew it was quiet.

A lane to myself. I know I don’t need to rehearse the 4km, so I just swam. Till I got bored and felt like stopping.

An hour passed in this manner! I knew I would enjoy it once I got myself there!

I can’t wait to get into lake Wanaka next week with the GoPro, I hope the weather behaves itself this year!

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