You know you’re improving when…

img_2300 I saw this and immediately thought of at least one client, if not several who have thought this, and now are at the ‘one day’ point in this quote. 

The client that I thought of started with me with the goal of being able to run outside. For them this was a huge goal and they found running hard work. Gradually we built up the fitness and confidence through personal training, then I remember one personal training session really clearly. Here’s why. I slipped a jog to the lamp post and back in as a cool down between other exercises. Suddenly, after a few of these, the client realised that running, which had been hard work at the start, was now a ‘recovery option’. They were so stoked, it was brilliant to see that.

So many other clients have made comments to me this past week about how, after a Christmas break, they have realised on return to classes, how far they had come, being able to recover fast without DOMS, going from crunches to effortless full sit ups, knocking out several runs to the nearest tree and back that they didn’t even dream as possible.

It makes me feel so proud to see so many people exceed their own expectations to break new ground and continue to do things they never thought possible.

i am so proud of all my clients and can’t wait to get more opportunities to help change even more lives.

Contact me today, this could also be you.

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