A Big thank you for exercising with us!

It has been great having you exercising with us this year. We know the benefits of keeping active, and are glad we could share them with you. We also appreciate that New Zealand is a country full of top quality REPs Registered Exercise Facilities, and some pretty awesome registered exercise professionals, and we love the fact you choose us, one of only two in all of Southland.

While Christmas is traditionally the time for over indulgence, for those of you who have made great gains over the last year through regular exercise and healthy eating, the last thing you want to do is to indulge away the gains you have made through hard work.

But tis the season to be jolly and if there was a time and place for allowing yourself a few treats then Christmas would be the top of the list. Just remember ‘all things in moderation’.

If you are staying close to home you may be able to keep up some of your regular sessions. Make sure you get a copy of the timetable of our holiday class timetable.

One of the benefits of being in the southern hemisphere is that the holiday season comes with perfect outdoors exercise weather (fingers crossed). Even if you are travelling and away from your normal exercise routine then you can still get your heart rate up and get your muscles moving.

If you are away, aim for maintenance of your exercise and fitness level, rather than seeking to improve. This is often a great goal for the holiday season.

Let us know if you would like some exercise tips for while you are away. We are happy to create a holiday programme for you to do while you are away, as we know first hand the effort you have put in and want you to keep improving.

While the range of unhealthy temptations on offer increases over Christmas, your will power doesn’t need to with careful planning. The principles you follow throughout the year can still be maintained, especially with the abundance of seasonal fruit and treats that can be adapted to suit your nutrition plan.

If you don’t want to squeeze in a structured session, then there are plenty of ways to keep active other ways, like a walk on a fine evening, or playing with the kids.

Don’t wait until the new year to plan your exercise resolutions. Book your first session back NOW! Don’t let a week or two off drag into the middle of January or later. You will just as likely surprise yourself with how little fitness you may have you lost as long as you kept moving and active.

Make sure you also come along to our open day on Saturday 9 January, 11 – 2pm.

If you are not a regular personal trainer user, then the New Year is a perfect time to treat yourself with a session to get yourself re-motivated.

We know about your injuries, and we keep your sessions safe, and your workout area free from hazards. Being out of your normal environment, whether it’s in an unfamiliar gym or out in the open area, can increase your risk of injury.

If you are heading to an exercise facility at your holiday destination, make sure they are REPs registered and if you are exercising in the great outdoors, use sunscreen, and keep your cellphone well charged. Whether you are staying close to home or travelling, have a safe and merry Christmas, and we look forward to working with you in the New Year.

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