Live in today and be thankful you are alive

These days more than ever I am feeling the bite of mortality. I have seen many people pass from this earth, some close, some not so close: some older and some way younger. It just doesn’t seem fair some times. So why do we waste so much time worrying about other times, either past or present? Why aren’t we focussing on now?

Stop and think. What do you have in this moment, right now, that you can be thankful for? It may be the less obvious things that are more important. You may need to ask someone else to help you with your list. If you give it some thought I bet you can come up with a long long list of things. But, perhaps the page was blank for a good while first.

The main think to be thankful for is NOW. You are alive, you have your health and a beautiful planet on which you live.

What more is there to want?


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