Otatara Retreat: blissful stillness of the mind

Otatara retreat I am so excited to bring this blog to you today. I initially contacted Julie at Otatara Retreat with the intention of building a network of local businesses that I can link up with and refer business between. I had seen her Facebook page and was interested to find out more. If you are in my January Body Blast program then gosh, you’re in for a treat!

The picture above is the drive you turn down when you arrive at the roadside sign. The leafy driveway opens out into a wonderful woodland clearing, Julie was sitting waiting for me when I arrived.

I have had many many massages in various parts of the world (it’s my favourite way to treat myself!) but this one today was one of the best in a long time.

Nothing is any trouble for Julie. She has a calm relaxing sincere way about her that instantly puts you at ease. Julie also does meditation classes too and we chatted for a while about how difficult some people find it to create stillness in the mind. She wasn’t at all surprised to hear that I find swimming (in the absence of running now) therapeutic and relaxing. She says she has heard that from a lot of people.

An Otatara retreat pamper includes a massage (which also uses hot stones) a facial and Reiki. When she said she was starting with the feet I was rather apprehensive, that’s not my favourite thing. It was however, just fine, finishing with my feet wrapped in hot stones.

From there she moved to back, shoulder and finally face. she has a very soothing voice, I can see why she does meditation too. she leaves you feeling that this is very much about time to relax and reflect. I didn’t feel at all rushed like I have in some places. A very holistic experience for sure.

It was a thoroughly wonderful and truly relaxing experience. If you are ever given the opportunity to visit Otatara Retreat you would be a fool to turn it down!

Thank you Julie, it was an amazing experience.


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