What does your shopping trolley say about you?

This weeks shoppingI do find it quite interesting, sometimes amusing, what I see in the supermarket. I know, I should be focussing on my shopping, but have you ever thought about what your shopping trolley says about you?

It took me a good while to get the hang of shopping in New Zealand and keeping costs down, I was too used to having anything I wanted, at any time of year. Oh no, not any more!

Do you eat healthy, or do you eat convenient? You’d be amazed how cliched it ends up being. I was in the queue today at the till. We had emptied our trolley. The person behind started loading theirs, I didn’t look round, bo.ut I could see two crates of coke, several sugary cereals and tins upon tins of stuff. I looked up out of curiosity: yep; family with kids, all junk food, all slightly overweight. It’s so frustrating! 

Here’s some exchanges that could be done, to make YOUR trolley healthier: 

  • Tinned veg for fresh. It only takes a few mins to chop and boil fresh veg, much more healthy, no added sugar! 
  • White bread for brown. May seem minor but refined white bread is sooooo bad for you, brown bread is stacked with fibre which helps metabolise fat. 
  • Fizzy drinks OUT! Flavour plain ordinary water with fresh fruit! 
  • Potato chips for nuts. Or even packs of dried fruit. Be careful though, check sugar content. 
  • Frozen chips for kumara. Real quick to cook, bake, mash, whatever, plus ifs got the sweetness that will keep the kids happy! 
  • Chocolate bars for muesli bars. Ok, this might not seem to major a change, but trust me, small changes yield big results in the end! 

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