Treats that don’t cost you centimetres!

imageIt’s all so easy to grab a glass of wine, bar of chocolate or chips to ‘reward ourselves’ for being good this week, but have you ever thought about how you could modify this behaviour to something not as damaging to your waistline? 

Before I started exercising and lost my weight, a reward could have been one of the following:

  • Our for a night on the beer
  • Meal out at the local pub
  • Some type of sweet treat
  • Glass of wine
  • A bag of lollies
  • Fizzy drink

… And so on.

Look familiar?

I know that this is not actually the way forward. For a start, alcohol is very calorific and all it does is make you feel bad the next day (mentally and physically!) meals out tend to be larger than necessary and include large sweet deserts (!) and the rest, well, sugar sugar sugar!

So, I had to modify what I considered to be a ‘treat.m

Here’s a few of my current ones, if you need some ideas.

  • Some type of pamper – facial, nails, eyebrows, whatever.
  • A swim, a ride out in the sunshine and so on.
  • A walk somewhere beautiful
  • A coffee out at my favourite coffee shop (size modified and not necessarily with food)
  • Time out to sit and relax in a place of my choosing
  • Phone off!

If you have any others that you think are worth adding to my list, do let me know!

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