Explaining the labels: the nutrition maze

be natural The labels are one thing that a lot of people find confusing so here is a wee precis of what to look for when trying to decide if something is good for you or not.

Be NaturalKilojoules to Calories

The first thing you will notice is that it doesn’t state calories. 1 Calorie equals 4.186 kilojoules (4.2 or simply 4 is close enough for a quick conversion). That should help you when standing in the supermarket trying to figure it out in your head!

Look out for sugar

Ingredients are listed in quantity order, so when you look for sugar, the closer it is to the top of the list, the more of it there is. In this packet of cereal, it is a lot further down the list than normal.

Saturated fat

Keep an eye on this statistic, you need it to be quite low.


This is better for you because the bran fibre has not been removed. Fibre helps to metabolise fat and therefore aid fat loss.

I tried this recently because I am ALWAYS on the look out for a healthy cereal, this one tastes a lot less sugary than most, I HATE that fake sugary taste.

Its not superfabulous, but there are a LOT worse out there! Have a look at the labels on the cereals the next time you are shopping!

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