Exercise Focus: renegade row

There are few better exercises for the whole upper body than this challenging movement. It is always good when you understand why a personal trainer is giving you an exercise and what benefit you are supposed to get from it. Here is one I use, explained. 

The kettlebell push up renegade row challenges the chest and triceps as you descend into a deep push up. Your core stability will then be tested to its limits as you pull one kettlebell towards the body with as little movement as possible in the torso and hips. The closer your legs are together, the more challenging the whole process becomes. The non-lifting arm is still very active as it pushes into the ground to create tension and stability. The back muscles are active as you retract the scapula as the bell is pulled towards the torso.

This movement works best with wider kettlebells, as they have a big stable base and there is a lower chance that they will tilt or collapse.

If you want to progress the movement even further and incorporate the lower body then you can jump in between the kettlebells after completing the push-up renegade row and complete a suitcase deadlift. The key is to have your feet land right in the middle of two bells and keep your chest upright and drive through with the hips. This is a complete lung buster and one very effective movement sequence.

Watch the full movement in action below.

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