Questioning the ordinary

The present momentI was watching a film last night about a guy who could time travel back to his life in the past. At first thought how cool, I could go back and see mum again, do things differently, make different decisions. Perhaps I would begin sport earlier, not get overweight in the first place: all sorts of things ran through my mind. Then I realised the flaw.

That would mean always living life in the past instead of the present.

A quote right at the end of the film struck a chord with me, I have said this before a lot of times, but this was within a different context. The main character in the film lost his father, so he spent a lot of time going back to visit him, realising that he wasn’t focussing his attention on his CURRENT family.

Live each and every day like it’s the full and final day of your extra ordinary life.

It’s so true.

Don’t ever let yourself be in a position where you can say ‘what if?’

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