Making the most of your time: COMPETITION TIME!

swim lanes I arrived at the pool today for a swim. I thought just after lunch on a Friday was a perfect time to do it. But NO!!

When I arrived at 13:07 I was told that the pool was closing at 13:30 for a children’s party and an event. I looked at my watch, then remembered something a client said to me recently about always thinking exercise that is under an hour in duration is a waste of time. Then thought RIGHT, LETS GO! 

I dashed through the changing room and stood on poolside at 13:12. I had 18 minutes. No time for a warm up, no time to find my bottle of water, fill it, take a snack, nothing. I jumped in the nearest lane and swam.

I stopped once to ask someone the time, as I couldnt see the clock without my glasses. I had a quick chat with the lifeguard asking why it was closing, then a talk to the guy in the next lane who didn’t know it was closing. Apart from that, I swam up and down (25m) for the whole 18 minutes.

Here’s the competition question: How many lengths did I do? 

First person to Email me ( or text me (021 082 66724) with closest to (or the actual) correct answer gets free access to any of our services for a whole week, (a week of their choice within the next 12 weeks). 


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