Fallen off the wagon? Here’s how to climb back on.

picking yourself upI’m pretty sure we have all ‘fallen off that wagon’ at some stage. What usually happens next is a pit of despair, a binge and a thought of ‘oh well, screw it’.

STOP!!!! It doesn’t have to be like that! 

I imagine life as a ride. That ride will sometimes be smooth, sometimes rocky, sometimes you will trot through fairgrounds and wild parties, other times you’ll be sailing along the plains in the sunshine. But all the while you are travelling forwards, looking forwards and enjoying the ride.

If at any time you aren’t enjoying it, then why the hell not change the road!

Sometimes it can all feel a bit like this: BREAK IT DOWN!! You can have you cake and eat it, you just need to know what size the cake has to be!!! Equally you CAN make it on the road to success, just stop looking at the length of the road and focus on the steps that are getting you there.


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