Seeking motivation? Find it here!

Carpe DiemThis is another topic I was asked to write about recently. If you are seeking motivation, that means, in effect, you have a goal, but don’t know how to get yourself there, right?

Well, here’s where you should start. 

First, watch this video. I made it over five years ago, so excuse the nervous voice, etc, hahah! The message is still a good one and its an exercise you should start off with.

Now that you are on the right track TOWARDS your goals, remember this little gem.

Each day, write down 5 positives that you find in the day. I did this all my sporting career, I still have those books. I used to always see the pessimistic view. I had to teach myself to re-frame everything into POSITIVE, ‘I CAN’ words.

I used to have a fat picture of me pinned to the fridge. It was there to remind myself how hideous I looked, each time I reached for comfort foods. It really worked for me and I did not publish that photo online for many many years.

I’m actually not sure where it is or I would share it here. I am sure I have it somewhere.

Focus on your IDEAL life.

Describe true happiness. In your life, sport, goal, whatever it is you are working on. Write it down like a mind map. Mine was based on quitting work and setting up full time in business. It was a huge decision as I knew it would make us broke for a while, I was very scared. So I wrote it all down, came up with an answer for each fear. I also wrote down all the things that made up my ideal job that I didn’t have at the time. I have just checked it. I have now got them all bar one: work stays at work! Hahaha I can’t do that one, as I work from home!

Now for each thing on your ideal life diagram, come up with one small thing that you could easily do that would help start the path towards this goal. Make this the second layer on your spider diagram / mind map.

You have just created your first steps.

Wavering from your goal?

Create yourself bullet point reminders and position them where you feel you will need them most. Make them positive, can do wording. Only you will know what works best for you.

Now go and get started!


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