Sad memories and an unexpected transformation

mum009It is exactly two years ago today since Mum’s funeral service took place. It was the saddest day of my life. I can still feel that deep sadness, despair and grief, just like it was yesterday. Time doesn’t heal wounds, it simply allows us the skills with which to better cope with it. Still, I noticed something unexpected during my reflections. 

I re-read the ulegy that we wrote as a family. I started writing it, then the rest of my family decided it was a great tribute, we all got together and made it a celebration of her life. I read it at her funeral service and was mighty proud of myself that I actually managed to read it all, before breaking down.

In it, I mention a reinvention. I was talking about the fact that I had recently found out that a knee injury was going to force my retirement from triathlon and team GB. I said

When I also faced a sporting-career ending knee injury last year, She reassured me that I was strong, I had reinvented myself several times in my life already, and she was sure I could do it again. I will, mum and this next one will be for you.

At the time of writing this, I was referring to sport. I thought about reinventing myself in another sport, and successfully made a start in competitive rowing, collecting several medals and two titles in my first year. However, now I look back on that comment, the transformation that has actually taken place is one i least expected and couldn’t have forecasted when I wrote that ulegy.

The transformation has been:

  • Quitting my lifelong career of teaching
  • Setting up business and successfully making it a full time venture within just ten weeks
  • gaining several more qualifications in the health and fitness industry

Who would have known that is where I would be now?

I just wish she was still alive so I could tell her all about it. I know she would have been worried at my rash decisions, but proud of me and the success I have made thus far. Another one to tick off the bucket list!!!

Thank you mum.


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