Bootcamp and PT’s are nice, not nightmares! 

Personal trainer Gone are the days when The job of a personal trainer looked like this, the trouble is not everyone realises that yet! 

I have heard comments recently – on the fly, but still – about bootcamp classes being hard core, personal trainers pushing you till you hurt and so on. That’s old school.

Our job – well mine anyway – is to educate, inspire and motivate. After that you are the one that decides on your workout level. 

So please don’t be afraid of the idea of bootcamps, the name makes you think nasty army man, but in reality it means fun, game based exercise. 

Personal trainers are there help you get the best out of yourself, not to scream until you cry and can’t move the next day!

We are lovely approachable people. Ask any of my clients, check the web site feedback, then come join us for some fun. 😀

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