Wild outside? Exercise you can do inside

Bodyweight exercisesIt’s been a bit wild round here lately. Only the mad, bad, or totally insane have been outside training. (I did see a cyclist out the other day who was bordering on completely insane!) so what exercise can you still do inside? 

Here’s a few for you to choose from. Or, do them all!

  • Indoor cycling. Stick it in front of the TV, or hook up to spotify and cycle to some of my spin class mixes. Even better: look up and purchase a few of the Sufferfest!
  • 3-5 mins of Skipping. It’s harder than you think. I remembered it being real simple as a kid! Try double jumps, speed skipping, cross hands.
  • 2-3 mins of Step ups or box jumps. If you have something safe that about seat height, that’s perfect. Step up, or two foot jump ups and step down. 2-3 mins and you will know about it!
  • 20 Tricep dips off the edge of a chair / table.
  • 30 Commando burpees (include a press up!)
  • 20 prisoner get ups. (From lying down to standing with your hands on your head throughout.
  • 20 V ups. Fron lying on your back, lift arms and torso plus legs, so they all meet at the top.
  • 30 deep squats. Deep enough so your legs bend beyond 90 degrees. Keep knees behind toes
  • Russian twists. Get an object (such as a bag of sugar). Sit slightly leaning back, legs up off floor. Put your object down at waist level in each side of you. L+R = 1
  • 30 stair climbs
  • 30 plank to press ups. From elbows up onto hands and back.
  • 30 full burpees
  • 30 tuck jumps
  • 1-3 mins Plank hold
  • 40 high impact star jumps (no jump in between)

I’d love to know if anyone managed the whole lot in succession!

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