System Slim: researching the ingredients

A client of mine recently said they were taking weight loss pills, and asked me were they doing the right thing.  System slim seems to be a ‘weight loss system’ that involves taking a ‘natural supplement’ tablet before meals each day. It reports to made from all natural ingredients. 

Weight Manager helps release and metabolise stored fat from the body tissues, liver and blood thus improving body composition and lowering cholesterol. This helps calm the appetite howvere it is not an appetite supressant. Weight Manager also helps tincrese energy and combat stress or anxiety. Weight Manager 21’s at a cost of $35 is one weeks supply of the supplement and ideally should be taken with Cleanse Plus & Nutrient Plus.

(two other supplements that they sell).

So, is it true? When my client described it to me I said I would look into what it actually is for them, so they can make in informed choice whether to continue.

I looked at the web site to see what they charged and what you actually got.

Weight Management Pack – includes;
Calorie Control Programme Booklet – explains the way to eat for weight reduction, provides choices for each meal, recipes & food diary’s. Supply of our three core supplements of Weight Manager (30 days), Cleanse Plus (25 days), Nutrient Plus (30 days).
Optional online support from one of our trained system:slim consultants, someone to support & motivate, someone you can discuss meal options & any difficulties you maybe having.
Optional Naturopath Review for a comprehensive report on your curent individual health & wellness and offers solutions & practical advice for obtaining great longterm health.

I also offer nutrition education, you can find healthy recipes free on my blog and in fact also available online anywhere. I motivate, guide and educate clients so they don’t need me. I don’t seek constant payment for ever, I seek empowerment.

And I do all this without pills and haven’t yet had a ‘failure’.

What do their pills have in them?

‘Weight manager’ Ingredients:

  • Gotu Kola 100mg
  • Sarsparilla Root 100mg
  • Red Clover Fowers 80mg
  • Lecithin 50mg
  • Turmeric 50mg
  • Calcium 50mg
  • Panax Ginseng 40mg
  • Ginger 8mg

Gohil et al (2010) researched the herbal uses of Centella asiatica (also known as Gotul Kola) which is the first ingredient. The Chinese and Indians have used it as a herbal miracle elixir which is meant to be a stimulant to promote fat loss as well as being used to retreat a multitude of other ailments. Despite large number of studies reported over the past decades on the evaluation of biologically active components and their mechanisms of action, the outcome of these studies is still unsatisfactory.

Ishak et al (2004 researched the use of sarspirella root in weight loss herbal remedies. They concluded that muscle breakdown may be one of the mechanisms of weight loss in these herbal remedies. Further studies are needed to investigate their effects on muscle bulk.

Red clover flowers are marketed as something that helps increase bone density and strength in menopausal women. Booth et al (2006) researched this in menopausal women and stated

Limited evidence suggests possible efficacy in maintenance of bone health

Williams et al (1990) researched Lecithin and fat burning. It is thought Lecithin promotes increased fat burning. Once again, the real do used control trial was inconclusive in connecting this theory to their results.

Ginseng is supposed to be a mood enhancer, turmeric and ginger apparently aid digestion. Research from several sources on this says they may work.

Is all this enough to show me (or you) that they work and are worth their money? I will let you decide.

It is possible to increase your metabolism naturally by exercising at a moderate to high intensity then eat a meal within an hour. It is possible to supress your appetite by eating the right things at the right times, in relation to your exercise. As well as drinking which is also vital.

And finally, fat loss is achieved with a simple formula; eat less calories than you expend in exertion during the day, along with either long slow cardio level fat burning exercise and/ or high intensity interval training (HIIT) for high calorie expenditure.

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