What is the Register of Exercise Professionals & why do YOU need to know about it?

REPS CertificateREPS is the Register of Exercise Professionals. It isn’t compulsory to be a member but it is the only organisation that regulates the personal training industry. I am constantly amazed by how few people in my area are in fact REPS registered personal trainers, despite there being two REPS registered gym facilities locally. I was approached by someone training to be a personal trainer, asking would I be a mentor, they were struggling to find anyone suitable (sufficienct experience and is REPS registered). 

On enquiry I think I was the first Personal Trainer in Southland to become REPS registered this year, despite many advertising that they were but in fact aren’t. I think there may now be one, perhaps two others.

Why bother with REPS?

the personal training industry is not regulated. This may sound odd, but many people call themselves personal trainers but haven’t even got a qualification. I know a few of those locally! to be REPS registered you have to have completed an accredited course that meets REPS standards. This helps to make sure that everyone is trained to the same high level. Following on from that, you have to then continue to complete personal development courses each year and gain sufficient points in order to remain REPS registered.

This means that anyone who is REPS registered has completed an accredited course and constantly commits to continuing professional development in order to keep abreast of industry changes. It also means they are insured!! (Which – for you as a client is vitally important to know!)

So, when I say I am REPS registered, that makes me stand out from the crowd, and you know that you will get quality advice from someone who is committed to the health and fitness industry. Here is my REPS profile.

Make sure you choose the right personal trainer.

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