Why do I blog?

 What a curious question. My blog has evolved many faces since I started writing it almost eight years ago. For the past three years (I think) I have been part of  Wordpress ‘postaday’ which to begin with was challenging, but more recently has become a regular release from daily life, a pause for thought in my day. 

A diary

Why do I blog? I started out with it as an online diary. I started when I was losing weight and getting fit, it was for my own personal reference. If anyone else read it too, that was fine.

A reference tool

When I sustained my first head injury it became a reference. I needed to write down how I was progressing because the head injury had affected my short term memory quite severely. This very quickly gained a huge following and support, which I was not expecting.

A community

For a while I took part in WordPress postaday prompts. This grew me a lovely blogging community which was nice. But often the posts were not health related. I didn’t want to have too much of a wide topic base, because I thought that might detract from the blog.

Helping others 

I am constantly surprised by how much interest my blog has with certain topics I consider to be ‘mundane’. I find people can relate to me very well, I am down to earth, so real life stories with help suggestions and help wrapped in really do strike a chord with my readers. I now have to recognise that my blog does have readers, it isn’t just my own online diary any more! So, now I strike a balance between both.

A personal schedule

I set a blog schedule to keep me on topic when I was starting off on postaday. I actually enjoy that, I love to find new healthy recipes and share what I am cooking, nutrition tips and so on. I recently added quickie workout Wednesday to my ‘training tips’. In addition to my new Pinterest page on the same topic this is really popular. I remember what it was like trying to find motivation to start exercising. So I love that my blog can help others with that.

Wrapped around this are days I write about what I am up to. I took these out for a while but the response I get suggests readers like these too, so I am putting them back. After all, you want to read about how a coach and personal trainer keeps themselves fit too, don’t you?

Love of writing

Ultimately, I blog because I enjoy it, I love writing, I love sharing and helping others, I particularly love to look back over older blogs and see how my blog and my writing has evolved.

What next?

Who knows. What do you guys think I should do next?

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