Becoming what THEY are: being influenced by society

 Its interesting visiting a county you’ve been to before, but having lived in a different country in between. You come back looking at things in a completely different way.

We spent the last week in Australia, a county I love, and originally wanted to move to, before we settled in New Zealand. 

When I first came to Southland I remember commenting on how friendly the people were, but then after a while you accept it as normal, until you suddenly go elsewhere. The general perception of the Gold Coast is friendly and laid back. But when you come from rural Southland, friendly and laid back take on a whole new meaning. Everyone else in the world suddenly seem to be constantly rushing around. Even though the 5 lane motorway has the same 100kmph speed limit as the roads here, no one obeys the speed limit, everyone is in a hurry, no one pays attention to anyone else, no one says hello, shop assistants are curt and direct, nothing. I could attribute that to the fact that it’s a tourist destination, but then shouldn’t that make them MORE FRIENDLY? What’s the excuse for Invercargill? No one hardly comes here at all, it’s all very rural, farmer based, no one has a reason to be friendly to foreigners, yet they are. More friendly than anywhere else in the world that I have been.

I found myself becoming one of them. Not talking to others, cursing rudeness, but I reflect and think why? Why did I stoop to their level?

Don’t let what others are become you.

That’s what I have come away thinking.

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