Believe 6 impossible things before breakfast

An Alice in Wonderland quote, but I love it! So, what would my 6 impossible things be? 

I want my six things to be the achievable impossible, things that are hard to achieve but COULD be done.

  1. By the end of the year I will be earning more than I was before I went F/T self employed. I would have originally said it wasn’t possible to be full time self employed, but I am already doing that! So, here is my second desire. Hubby believes it is possible. I’m not sure as yet. 
  2. I will be able to afford a sunny holiday once each year. At the moment, this seems impossible, but if I achieve no 1 then I will achieve this also. 
  3. Today will be a positive happy day. Even if I get up believing something otherwise. I hope to apply this to EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  4. I will write and publish a book. This is one I have attempted a few times, its real hard, but I would love to do it one day. Thing is, how to begin? Where to begin?
  5. Get my peak fitness back. I am really not sure this is possible, perhaps in a different guise. I need to focus differently, the aim now is fitness and recreation, not high flying results and world championships. 
  6. I will grow my online PT so it is the largest facet of my services. This is a big one, a wish, I am currently working out HOW to begin on this.

What would your 6 be?

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