Coaching course weekend

IMG_2172I decided to grab this opportunity as Cycling New Zealand doesn’t venture this far south now that the Avantidrome is up in Cambridge.

I was slightly amused that the trained was from Liverpool, England, and an ex policeman. We Ex Pats get everywhere!!

It was a pretty intense course squashed into two and a half days, road and track cycle coaching. We got the opportunity to coach some kids who came along and volunteered to be guinea pigs. I definitely think that for now, my passion is for the beginners, confidence building, skill building and so on.

It was quite cool to be based inside the velodrome, but just typical that it was a sunny weekend too, and we could not see the outside for most of the time.

The Sarah Ulmer lounge is a neat place to be based too, Olympic Gold medallist 2004, and her bike was on the wall. A pretty mean beast, SOOOOOO low, those front handle bars, and so forwards, I’m sure that it would be illegal nowadays, it is so aero. I nipped next door to take a photo of the trophies in the champions lounge too. Its an inspirational place, that’s for sure. Its a shame everything has gone up North now, with the new velodrome.

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