Learn from life’s challenge: rest where rest is due!

New year quotes imagesThis post caught my eye today, it’s a photo I posted exactly a year ago on tumblr. The reason? I have been ill all this week and unable to do much at all.

I have just about managed work, amongst it all, but it has been detrimental to my recovery I think: I would have been better faster had I rested.

It’s a tough one when you’re self employed: you can’t just call in sick. I have only just – for the first time in over a week, actually stopped coughing non stop. I haven’t slept in my own bed for 7 days because I cannot lie down without coughing myself silly. It’s easy to get miserable, comfort eat and feel bad for doing no exercise.

But, you can always learn from every circumstance, no matter what the challenge.

  • Rest when you need to rest
  • Extra cake will NOT make you feel better in the long run
  • Give yourself a break: you are ill!

Simple but had I done these, perhaps I would not still be coughing, albeit intermittently!

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