7 minute workout Wednesday

workoutI thought I would make this today’s training tip topic, since it is what I just created as a board on Pinterest! This one is  7 minute cardio blast. So, if you haven’t had time today, do this BEFORE tea, or later in the evening, at least an hour after tea (or if you’re in the northern hemisphere, before breakfast!) 

Here goes. All you need is a wee bit of space, and yourself!

  • 1 minute of step ups. use your front door step. Make them as fast as you can
  • 30 sec of plank
  • 15 sec side plank x 2 (15 sec each side)
  • 1 minute heel flicks. Nice and fast foot turnover
  • 1 minute 1/2 burpees
  • 30 seconds tricep dips (use a chair, a step, anything you have to hand. Bend knees to 90 degrees to make it easier)
  • 30 seconds press ups (1/2 press ups if you cannot do full)
  • 1 minute high knees. Get the knees up at least waist height
  • 1 minute squats.

7 minutes total. all one after the other, no rest till you’re done.

Too easy, then repeat it 3-4 more times!




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