Exercise: it’s all in the mind!

training: a key part of my day
training: a key part of my day

I have seen a couple of links to articles today that refer to how important a positive mind set is when trying to lose weight. REPS NZ posted an article about how negative emotions can harm our health (makes sense) and an interview on BBC TV by GetUK Active States how important exercise is in combatting obesity. I find it fascinating how few people who work at a local level in the fitness industry see how important these links actually are. 

I was fascinated by all this ‘head stuff’ after battling negative self belief while I was competing for team GB. When I dealt with this, and realigned my negative beliefs in my running ability, I achieved a personal best in my next race.

This is why I got the NLP qualification (which on its own sounds like airy fairy life coaching, or a sales pitch!) but in fact, it’s a fundamental part of my skill set that I use to coach and train people to fitness. Anyone can do the mechanics of writing a training programme but not everyone can connect with the client at a number of important levels, teaching them how to unlock the toolbox in their min and relearn the skills they already had to enable them to achieve beyond their wildest dreams.

A person is more than their exercise, what they eat and how much they weigh. A person is a complex individual with their own model of the world. Until the personal trainer understands that, they will never truly enable the person to achieve their full potential.

So like I said, it’s all in the mind. Once that is in a positive happy place, anything is possible!

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