HIIT v long slow: why we now say different

So, in our usual busy life we are all pressed for time, so how on earth are we supposed to fit in our long slow fat burning exercise to stay slim and trim? Well, the thoughts are changing, and you may be able to get the same effect while using up less of your precious free time. 

The small theory bit

When we are at rest, aka sitting in the chair, there is a nominal amount of calories our bodies need to function.

When engage in exercise that raises our heart rates, but not enough for you to be gasping for breath and unable to speak, our body going into fat burning (cardio) mode. It begins to burn the fat stores to maintain the exercise.

When we engage in high intensity (gasping for breath) type exercise (anaerobic) our body switches to carb burning (what you recently ate in your last meal).

How can I save time?

If you look at the overall time frame, v calories burned, it will make more sense. These figures are approximate

3 hours easy cycling – 600 calories burned.

1 hour intervals exercise, including some HIIT (High intensity interval training) For example, this one from SPARK PEOPLE, 600 calories burned

If you are trying to lose FAT, HIIT is far more effective than steady state long cardio workouts. It has been scientifically proven to be 9 times more effective at fat burning as well as being a lot more effective at improving cardiovascular health. This article explains it in more depth if you want to read further.

Great news for us busy people, who struggle to fit exercise in, hey?

Look out for future video workouts

Look out for future videos showing you how to create short simple HIIT exercise in your own home with no equipment.


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