Hate running? Try this: running with a difference

Orienteering I have to admit, I wondered what the chuff hubby wanted to do orienteering for, seemingly pointless running around with a map. But… I am slowly beginning to see the merits, specially for beginners to exercise. 

Today I went with him, walking the ‘short red’ course. This is a much more difficult route, relying on accurate map reading and compass reading skills, however, there are usually a variety of routes to choose from.

The easiest is usually white and this would be a straight forward path, with clear landmarks. Red is much more ‘cross country’ type terrain with no paths and often thick vegetation.

Most routes range from 2-5km, the longer ones being more difficult.

imageI was wandering around in parts of Sandy Point that I have never been before, often feeling like I was in the middle of nowhere. None of the routes I have done have ever been in places that I would normally have been, meaning I get new scenery too. Families do it, runners do it, you name it.

I was climbing walking and scrambling for over an hour and a half: no way would I have done that usually, without a map and a purpose.

Thoroughly enjoyable stroll, with a map, and some learning taking place too!

If you fancy giving it a go, the next one is 7 June at Sandy Point South.

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