Why choose a REPS registered personal trainer?

REPS CertificateSo I discovered this week, that I am in fact the only REPS registered personal trainer in all of Southland. I would never have known that had YMCA not told me. (The gym I work at as a spin instructor). Wow. What a selling point? 

What does REPS mean? Strangely enough, the Personal Training business is not a regulated one. You do not HAVE to be a member of a professional organisation in order to operate as a personal trainer. In fact, I know a lot of trainers who are not even qualified in their field. Where I do not always think qualifications produces a guaranteed empathy and client knowledge, to some extent they do guarantee a level of training on behalf of the trainer.

With REPS, in order to maintain my registration, which runs from September to September, I have to collect professional development points, which are awarded through short courses which I have to complete each year. There is a range of topics, therefore I can tailor my PD to the areas that are applicable to me, and my services.

What that does is guarantees the clients a continuing level of training on my behalf, which I have to keep topped up on e yearly basis in order to maintain registration.

So why choose a REPS registered trainer like me? (The only one in Southland) 

Because REPS guarantees you a high level of expertise and training from me (required to even gain the registration) and a high level of continued training to keep me abreast of current trends, information and research.

You will find the REPS website here if you want to look up more information. REPS is a worldwide organisation and the only register for exercise professionals.

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