Was Marilyn Monroe Fat? Is P!nk Fat? NO!!!

Size discrimination: are we encouraging anorexia in our media? I think so. Have a look at this video. Listen to what all the ladies in the video say.

Size 14 is a plus size? I think its ludicrous. It is a known fact (anyone who hoards clothes like I do will know this!) that clothing sizes have changed. If you kept those size 14 jeans you loved at school and tried them on later in life, they would be bigger than a similar pair made today. Sizes have got smaller.

Then there is this ridiculous thing about size zero. Who cares!? the number in the clothes is exactly that: a number!! I can buy three different sizes that all fit me, it just depends what shop I go into.

marilyn munroeI’m not saying rejoice and eat cake, but I am agreeing with the girl in that video above. We are not all built the same, so we cannot all expect to fit into the same clothes. Some people are simply not meant to be a size zero, they would just look awful. Be happy with who you are, be happy with what you have got, and stop looking at the grass on the other side of the fence.

Rant over!

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